Undercover Briefing File

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 2 - She's not my type...

Big Louie couldn't have slept, even if he'd wanted to.  He poured himself a drink.  He was just so madOne of these kaputz was a snitch. 
 And when he found out who, he seethed angrily.  Tiny T. would eliminate the problem.

Johnny saw Big Louie working himself up into a lather and headed over to distract him.  Making a face, he stuck his tongue out and crossed his eyes. 
"A real wise guy, aren't ya, Remmy?" Big Louie barked, unimpressed.  "Stick your damn tongue back in your mouth and grab a drink."
Johnny swallowed another gulp as he listened to Big Louie rant about how the money launderer was trying to bleed him dry.  The thing about Big Louie was that he was cheap, and in his mind, everyone was trying to bleed him dry.

He watched Armando put his drink down and slink away.  Where the hell was he going? Johnny thought suspiciously.

Armando knew that you weren't supposed to leave the Warehouse.  But, Big Louie was so distracted ranting about money that he figured he could slip out unseen. 
They didn't call him the Weasel for no reason!  He jogged around the old subway entrance and out towards the street.
Armando raised his hands to his mouth to stifle his giggle.  He couldn't believe he was going to get away with this!
There, on the other side of the warehouse, was the puddle he'd seen out the window he'd been gazing out.  Taking a running leap, Armando leaped in to see how high he could make the water splash.

So. Much. Fun!


Johnny slipped around to the other side of the column.  "Dammit, Viv," he said harshly to his partner, emphasizing her undercover name.  "I told you not to call me again."

"Aw, but I thought we had something good," Bianca teased on the other side of the line.

"Don't fuck with  me right now," Johnny ground out.  He was in the middle of a delicate operation and she was messing with him?  "This had better be something good," he warned.

"We were worried when you didn't check in.  What's going on?" she asked, all business now.

Johnny glanced over his shoulder and whispered. "We're having a work party. Employees only. You can't come."

Bianca whistled under her breath.  "Shit. You be careful. I'll check in with you on Friday."  She hung up before he could tell her to stay the hell away.


As if Johnny didn't have enough problems, Armando came over and nearly blew his cover.  "Joh..." he started to say before Johnny cut him off with a glare.  Armando's mouth rounded in surprised.
Johnny rolled his eyes. Christ, could he be any more obvious? he thought with distaste.

Glancing over Armando's shoulder, he saw Big Louie watching them.  Goddammit Armando, he thought furiously.  "What do you want?" he asked brusquely.  

He felt bad for Armando...  He'd been raised with deadbeat parents that hadn't cared how much trouble Armando had found himself in.  He thanked his lucky stars every day that his dad sent him off to military school to straighten him out.  He might've turned out exactly like Armando.  He shuddered.  God, that was a scary thought!
Armando knocked himself in the forehead. "Oh right. I forgot!" he chuckled. "Remmy, I was wondering if we could share some tips. You know? Talk shop? I could learn a lot from you!"

"Yeah, what do you wanna know?" Johnny asked, playing the part until Big Louie stumbled away.

Wait? Stumbling? Johnny glanced back over towards Big Louie.  Was he drunk?
Big Louie was finding it hard to stay upright.  All that alcohol and no sleep had taken it's toll on his system.  "Tiny T.!" he called out, waving his finger in the air.  "Bring me a bed!"
Johnny laughed.  Too bad Tiny T. was fast asleep or he might've done it!

Bambi woke up, refreshed from her beauty sleep.  She threw the covers off and slid from the bed, not caring that she was in her lingerie.

She saw Armando's jaw drop as he looked her up and down.

She loved those looksIt let her know she still had it.
Seeing Remmy approach, she felt a thrill of victory.  She knew he couldn't resist her charms! She was just preparing to flirt with him when he edged past her and slipped into bed.
How rude! she thought angrily, stomping away.
 That was SERIOUSLY a BAD idea, Johnny fumed, lack of sleep making him cranky as hell.


Tiny T. watched Bambi prancing around the kitchen in her undies.  "Bambi, you know Big Louie isn't gonna like that," he told her.
"Oh, shove it," Bambi said irritably.  Tiny T. was always watching her and reporting her to Big Louie.  She wished he'd find a girl and mind his own damn business.  She'd tried to flirt with him to win him to her side, but he'd told Big Louie about that.  It was the only time she'd truly been worried that her life was in danger.  She'd never messed with Tiny T. again!
"Like what you see?" Bambi asked, hurrying back into the kitchen when she saw that Remmy was awake.  And in his boxers.  Mmmm... delicious!

Johnny ignored her.  She just wouldn't take 'no' for an answer! 
Johnny headed over to the table with... whatever was in the bowl.  It didn't look especially edible, but he figured it was better than those luke-warm hotdogs last night.

"Hey Slick," he said, greeting the others at the table, "Red."
Red smiled as she gazed back and forth between the two men.  "I could get used to this view!" she said appreciatively.  "Feel free to flex your muscles as you eat," she prodded hopefully.
"That's sexist!" Slick argued.  "Just because I don't have my shirt on doesn't mean you can ogle me!"

Johnny chuckled under his breath at Slick's maidenly protests.  Sucked when the shoe was on the other foot, didn't it?

"What are you reading, Butterfingers?" Bambi asked, trailing after him.  He hadn't really said two words to anyone since he'd been here.  That made him mysteriousOooo... she loved a good mystery!
Butterfingers turned around and his gaze shot straight down to Bambi's ample bra. "Umm.. errr..." he fumbled with his train of thought.  Wincing, he closed his eyes and tried to hold his hand up to block out his view of her cleavage.  "Ma'am, I mean no disrespect, but I can't think with your headlights flashing at me."
"WHAT?" Bambi screeched, taking offense.

Nearby, Slick laughed in earnest.  "Oh boy, Butterfingers. You sure do have a lot to learn about women.  Bambi, anytime you want to flash your headlights my way, you feel free," he added with a wink.

After managing to steal a few more hours of shut eye, Johnny was up again.  Heading out to the front, he grabbed the newspaper and starting reading.  He was going to have to stay up to date on everything happening on the outside world during this crack-down.
 Butterfingers watched him suspiciously, "Whatcha reading there, Einstein?" he asked.

"Just the 'Help Wanted' ads," Johnny quipped.  "Been thinking about getting a job in the Law Enforcement."

Butterfingers burst out laughing, slapping his knee.  "That's a real humdinger, Remmy! You, a police officer? That'd be the day!"


Red rolled her eyes when she saw Slick and Bambi with their heads together in the kitchen.

"Lights out, pretty boy," she told him, pushing him away from the boss' girl.  
"Aw, but I wasn't done talking to him," Bambi whined.  The sour-puss red-head was really starting to cramp her style!

Red pointed towards the bunk, "Bedtime, Casanova," she said sternly, shooing him away just as Johnny entered the kitchen.

"We'll finish our 'talk' later, sweetcheeks," Slick promised.

Red shot him a deadly look and he hurried away while Bambi stomped off in the other direction.
"She sure is a piece of work, isn't she?" Johnny asked, watching Bambi stomp away.

Red smacked his shoulder. Hard. "Oh please, you're such a man! I can't believe you'd fall for her blonde plastic barbie-doll looks!"
Johnny scoffed. "She's not my type."

"Oh yeah? That's not what I heard," Red snickered, crossing her arms.

Johnny's head whipped up.  "What?" he asked with surprise.  "What did you hear?"  Did she have some info about Mackenzie's disappearance?

Red shrugged, "Just that you got caught in a bar between two blonde, big-chested bimbos." Red said, cupping her hands in front of her chest a few inches over her more petite frame.  She laughed when his jaw dropped down.  Poking him in his chest, "So I think she's exactly your type! And if you know what's good, you'll keep your hands to yourself!"


  1. Uh oh. Red's a little more aware than Johnny needs isn't she?

    How'd you get Big Louis to actually make drinks?!? My non-controllables only ever 'Practice Mixing Drinks.'

    Which also makes it funniest that Big Louis was the first to pass out. Ha!

    1. My guys are alcoholics apparently! Big Louie just walked over there and started making up the drinks! I wonder if it depends on the type of bar installed. I'll have to pay attention better next time I play. :)

      I LOVED that Big Louie passed out first. Lol. And I loved it even more that Johnny was right there snickering at him.