Undercover Briefing File

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 4 - Keep it on the down low...

Johnny swung his legs over the side of the bunk.  He liked sleeping in this corner since it was so solitary and close to the exit.  If he needed to, he could slip out of the Warehouse quickly.  You never knew what would could go down in a scenario like this...
Yawning, he padded to the fridge and grabbed a bowl of cereal.  He shot a scowl towards Slick.  "You reek, Slick. Take a shower!"

Slick shot a glare back towards Johnny.  "Hey! I didn't know I'd be having an overnight. I'm having to use the soap that's already here. It's disgusting!  I wish I'd brought my body wash!"

Johnny cocked his head to the side.  Good to know, he thought as he filed that nugget of information away.  
Armando sat down next to Johnny with a grin.  "Hey Johnny!" he said as he started to dig into the salad.  
Johnny shot Armando a glare, glancing around the room.  "Dammit, Weasel! Do you have rocks for brains?" he snapped.

Armando paused, setting his fork down.
He exchanged a dirty look with Johnny.  "Sorry, Remmy," he snapped back before scraping his chair back from the table and huffing off in a fit.

Red got up from her nap, wincing from the strong smell of urine.  "Christ, Butterfingers.  What'd you do? Pee the bed?" she asked with annoyance.

Butterfingers scoffed.  "No!" he said awkwardly, pulling the sheets off the bed.

"Get the hell out, Slick," Johnny snapped, quickly shoving his cell phone back in his pocket  "What? Do you want to hold it while I pee?"

Slick cringed with embarrassment. "NO!" he stuttered.  "I don't... I mean... I'm not... I mean... I didn't know you were in here, Remmy!"  Turning red, he turned and hurried from the room. 

Johnny's shoulders slumped with relief.  That had been close.  Too close.  Pulling back out his cell phone, he checked the message Bianca had sent, "Romeo wants to see you."
Casually slipping towards the entrance, Johnny peeked around the room to make sure everyone was distracted.
Then he slipped from the Warehouse.

Big Louie had been trying to listen to what Slick and Butterfingers had been talking about.  Deciding he was tired of trying to lip read, he stalked across the room and confronted the Pretty Boy.   "What are you bums talking about?" he demanded.  His eyes narrowed when he caught a flash of annoyance cross Slick's face.

"Just talking about some stuff from Appaloosa Plains," Slick said dismissively.

Big Louie gave him the stink eye and then turned to glare at Butterfingers before taking his leave.

As Big Louie walked off, Butterfingers released the breath he was holding. "Why'd you tell him that, Slick? We were talking about who might be the snitch!"

Slick shook his head, "We need to keep it on the down low. Our little secret..."
Big Louie found Tiny T. in the kitchen and walked right by him "Keep your eye on Pretty Boy," he told him quietly.  "I want to know everything."
Proud of himself, he headed to the bed and laid down for a nap.  Being evil was hard-work.


 Red walked up to the bar and grabbed a drink.  She studiously ignored Bambi.  She had nothing in common with that bimbo.  How the hell did she live with herself? she wondered, casting a side-glance towards Bambi. No, she didn't care...
Whirling around as Bambi walked away, she asked, "What the hell do you get from acting like this?"

"Acting like what?" Bambi asked, facing her.

"Don't you want to be your own person? To not have to be at the beck and call of someone?" she asked with mounting frustration.  She'd seen her mom flit from boyfriend to boyfriend and had told herself when she was young that she would never live like that.
Bambi tittered as though Red had just told a silly joke, "I am my own person!" Then, she leaned close, "Besides, I get plenty!  I don't have to pay any bills, I get beautiful jewelry, designer shoes, expensive clothing, and everyone loves me!"  She glanced up and down at Red's worn clothing.  "Poor Red, does anyone even look twice at you?"
 Red opened her mouth to rip Blondie to shreds when Slick hurried over.  "What are my two beautiful girls talking about?" he interjected, "You guys look so serious!"

Bambi turned her back on Red and smiled sweetly at Slick. "Oh nothing. Just girl stuff," she simpered.

Red grit her teeth and grabbed another drink.  She would just look like a jealous shrew if she said anything now.  But she wouldn't forget...


The afternoon dragged on for everyone in the Warehouse under unofficial house arrest. by the crime boss, Big Louie.
Bored, Butterfingers slipped over to the chess table he'd seen Remmy messing with the other day.  He'd never learned to play chess. Maybe it wasn't that hard after all. There probably wasn't a better time to try to learn...
Armando grabbed a kids book and slipped up into the top bunk to read.   Adventures of Raymundo had always been one of his favorites!
Feeling frustrated beyond belief, Red slipped to the work-out bench and tried to work off her mad.

Damn, Johnny thought when he peeked in the front door.  Bambi was standing right there. She'd see him walk in.
Thinking fast, he grabbed the newspaper by the front door and headed inside with a purpose.
Bambi glanced at him curiously when he walked in.  "Where ya been?" she asked.

"Just grabbed the paper," he said, holding it up for her to see.   God, he hoped she bought it.
Sitting down on the bench, he flicked open the pages and pretended to read, all the while sweating bullets.  All he needed was for Bambi to open her big mouth and he'd be dead meat.
He swore under his breath when Bambi slid onto the couch beside him.  She glanced around the room to see if anyone was listening and then whispered, "So? Dish! Tell me everything, Remmy!"
"What are you talking about?" Johnny asked brusquely, not bothering to mask his irritation. 

Bambi wiggled a finger in his face. "Oh, come on, you can't fool me! You slipped out!"

"Keep it down!" Johnny said, grabbing her finger and shoving it away from his face.

"Was it one of the blondes from the disco?" Bambi asked eagerly, fairly bouncing up and down in anticipation of juicy gossip.

What the hell... how did everyone know about that night? he thought irritably.  "Look, Bambi," he said, starting to dodge her questions.
"Oh come on! Was it the hardcore chick or the bubble gum girl?" she asked.

Bubblegum girl? Johnny shook his head, not even trying to figure that out.  "Why? You friends with them?" he asked nonchalantly.

Bambi shook her head. "No, I just seen them when I was with Big Louie.  That one girl was maaaad at you, you naughty boy!"  She looked around and turned back to him.  "You know, Remmy, you don't have to leave if you want a good time," she purred.

"You seen either of those girls around?" Johnny asked, trying to change the subject back to Mackenzie.

Now it was Bambi's turn to look at him peculiarly.  "Why would I? I said I wasn't friends with them!"

Johnny shook his head. "Yeah, duh, of course," he trailed off.  "Look, let's just keep this on the down low.  My girl's man wouldn't take kindly to hearing that she was messing around on him."

"Oh! Of course not, Remmy! It'll be our little secret!" Bambi said, sliding her hand onto his leg.

She smiled as Remmy jumped up and away from her.  Red didn't know the half of what she was missing!
As he walked off, she wondered absently why he'd asked so many questions about whether she'd seen the girls...


Red was getting damn tired of being cooped up in the warehouse with all these ridiculous men & the bimbo!  She was determined to figure out who the culprit was so they could all go the hell home! 

She was fairly certain it wasn't one of her men. Slick and Butterfingers didn't have enough brains between the both of them to be a snitch.  There was that suspicious new guy, though... what was his name?  Weasel?  She'd have to keep her eye on him...


  1. That glare between Johnny and Armando. LOL

    Looks like Big Louis has calmed down a little. Or is he still blowing up at half the house?

  2. Uh-oh, will Bambi be able to piece together the puzzle with her superior intellect? Haha, I think Johnny's safe for now.

    I love the look of your warehouse, by the way! It really works as the interior of a criminal hideout and it's perfect for the asylum challenge. I tried an asylum challenge once, but I built this large creepy house in Midnight Hollow for it, so the bills were simply impossible to keep up with and I gave up... but reading this story makes me want to try again!

    1. Lol. The bimbo Bambi might have hidden depths! I love the look on her face as Johnny walks away. She's spraining her brain!

      Thanks! I downloaded it from MTS. I suck at building! So far Johnny's been able to pay for the bills, but it's cutting it close!

      You should totally try it again & blog it! :)