Undercover Briefing File

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Prologue - Every story has two sides...

Warning: Language, Partial Nudity

The buzzing alarm clock started ringing it's shrill warbling.

"Christ Mack, turn it off or I'll throw it across the room!" Remmy grumbled gruffly.  They'd stumbled into her apartment around 3 in the morning and hadn't wound up getting to sleep until an hour or so later.
He felt the mattress shift as his bed-mate, Mackenzie Foster, sat up.  "Dammit. I forgot to set it early today," she swore, reaching over him to turn the alarm off.  "Come on, Remmy, time to go," she told him, shoving at his shoulder.  "I have to get to work."
Remmy grunted as he rolled over and squinted his eyes against the light coming in from the windows.  "God, Mac, haven't you heard of curtains?" He winced.
"Come on, Remmy.  I'm not playing. I have to get to work on time today!" she snapped as she got out of bed.

Remmy grunted again and collapsed against the pillows.  It was too early for this crap!

"I swear, your ass is out the door when I'm out of the shower, whether you're dressed or not," she threatened.
Remmy threw his arm over his forehead and grunted.  What the hell had he been thinking coming back to Mackenzie's place?  They'd ended their on-again/off-again relationship several weeks back over the same damn stuff.  She wanted a commitment and he couldn't give it to her.
Sitting up quickly, he shook his head violently to get that thought out of his head.  Why couldn't she just be happy with what he could give her, he asked himself as he grabbed his briefs and slipped them on.  What a mess, he thought as he rubbed his hands over his face in an effort to clear his thoughts.

He heard the shower stop.
He casually leaned back against the headframe as Mackenzie stalked back into the room.   "Come on back to bed, Mac," he said.  "Just call in." He patted the sheets beside him. 

Mac gave him the cold glare she'd perfected in the time they'd been together.  "Cut the crap, Remmy. I've gotta go.  I'm going to get fired!" she said angrily. 
"Get dressed; I'm out the door in 5 minutes," she warned as she walked from the room.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Remmy said testily as he got out of bed and scooped up his pants that were lying on the floor nearby.
What a way to start the damn day, he thought irritably as he pulled his pants on and did the buckle.  
He trailed after her into the kitchen.  "Listen, I'm working late tonight, but maybe we can get together tomorrow," he said hopefully.  This time he was going to come clean with her.  It was never going to work with her until he did.  He winced.  He just hoped she didn't flip her lid when he told her his dirty secrets.

"Yeah, okay," Mac agreed grudgingly, pulling him from his thoughts.  "Call me." 

Remmy came up behind her and rubbed his hands up and down her shoulder, leaning in to kiss the spot near her ear that drove her crazy.  "I had a really nice time last night," he whispered.  "I've missed you these past weeks."

Reaching up, Mackenzie held him close a moment.  "I missed you, too," she admitted softly.

 "I'll call you soon!" he called over his shoulder before heading out the door, leaving her to her breakfast.
 He hit the down button on the elevator and dug in his pocket for his phone.
"Hey, Bianca," he said when she answered.  "It's me, Johnny. We need to meet to go over the plans for tonight. I'll come get you."


Johnny had gone over his plans with Bianca earlier in the morning, then gone home to crash.  Staying up nights like this and then waking up in the morning was hell on his system.  "Are you ready?" Bianca asked as she sat down beside him.
He nodded his head, shooting her a heavy-lidded smile. "Come here, baby," he said, sliding his arm around her and pulling her close to his side.

Bianca smiled up at him, running her hand up and down his leg.  "Do you see him?" she asked.
Johnny pulled her to him for a kiss, stealing a glance towards the other room.  Between kisses, he told her, "No, no one's there yet."

Bianca laughed softly.  "There are worse ways to kill some time," she purred, reaching up to slip her fingers between his.
And then the shit hit the fan.
"I thought you were working tonight!" Mackenzie yelled from somewhere behind him.  Johnny jumped up, half pushing Bianca from his arms.  "You fucking liar!"

Johnny held up his hands in an attempt to calm her down.  "Whoa, Mac. Wait. It's not what it looks like!" he said.
"It's not what it looks like? And tell me? What does it look like to you? Because to me it looked like you had your tongue down her throat!" Mackenzie snarled angrily.

Bianca scoffed and rolled her eyes.

This was not good, Johnny thought as he watched Mac turn her gaze towards her, shooting daggers with her eyes.

"Am I right?" she asked, dangerously calm.
Bianca tossed her hair over her shoulder and turned to look at Johnny. "Should she leave? Or should I?" she asked nonchalantly.

Johnny held his hands out to Mackenzie, desperately thinking about how he could spin this.  He could always think quick on his feet, but right now he had nothing
"Just wait, Mack.  I can explain," Johnny said.
Mackenzie reared back as though she'd been slapped, scowling at him.  "Don't worry about it, Remmy.  I'll make it easy for you! I don't ever want to see you again!" she said, turning on her stiletto heel and hurrying away.
Johnny watched her stalk from the room and dropped his head.  "Fuck," he swore.  Of all the rotten luck, he grimaced.

Bianca glanced across the room and swore under her breath, turning back to face Johnny with a scowl.
"Who the hell was she, Remmy?" she snapped angrily.  "I thought you told me you weren't dating anyone else!"

Bianca's use of his under-cover name alerted Johnny to the fact that there was more on the line here than his fucked up relationship.  He adopted a placating stance, "Ah, come on, Tiffany, it was just some girl. Nothing to get pissy over."

Bianca flipped her hair over her shoulder. "I want you to take me home," she huffed, pouting like a pro.

"Fine!" he pretended to angrily concede. "Don't get your panties in a twist!"

Bianca stalked off ahead of him, following the same path Mackenzie had just walked. 
As they got on the elevator, she shot him a scathing look.  "Way to almost blow your cover, Romeo," she snapped.

Johnny ground his jaw and shot her a glare. "How was I to know she'd show up here tonight? Shit!"

Bianca's eyes softened.  "I'm really sorry, Johnny," she said, reaching out to touch his shoulder, adding, "But at least she didn't know your real name and really blow your cover."

That was some consolation.  "Fuck!" Johnny swore again, hitting the elevator wall as the doors closed. 


  1. I need to be able to put two "Loves" on your last MTS post. This is awesome! You've got me sucked in for sure! What on Earth is Johnny up to? And Asylum?!? oooOOOooo!

    1. Johnny is up to his neck in Trouble, with a capital T! There's a reason he hasn't been going home to Sunset Valley very much lately...

      Hehe.. I've had so much fun setting this asylum up! :)

  2. After Johnny's stunt at the Feast Day celebration, I just had to check out what he's up to over in Bridgeport! This started out so intriguing... I guess now I have another blog of yours to catch up with :)

    1. It was so much fun playing with all the different characters coming in and out of the Random Legacy. In my mind, Johnny was always undercover in Bridgeport - which led to my Wishing on a Star wishacy with Mackenzie and this asylum spin-off.