Undercover Briefing File

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Day 5 - A Pressure Cooker

Being under the same roof for so many days was wearing on everybody's already thin skins.  It was like a pressure cooker in this compound, just waiting to explode.
Bambi quietly crept up behind Tiny T.   He was such a suck-up, always doing whatever Big Louie told him to do! It drove her crazy!
"HRAH!" she yelled, leaping up behind him and successfully startling him.

He he he he... she chuckled as he reached for his chest and steadied his racing heart.
She stopped laughing as she saw him hunch his shoulders and started growling.
"RAAAWWWWRRRRRR!" Tiny T. roared in anger.  "Bloody Bambi!"

Apparently even the silent giant is capable of extreme emotions!

Bambi beat a quick exit.

"Looking good, babe," Slick said appreciatively as he passed by.
Bambi didn't even attempt to stop and flirt.  She wanted to be completely out of Tiny T.'s sight.
"Hey, baby," she said in her little girl voice as Big Louie slipped into bed.  "Want some company?"

Big Louie frowned and shooed her away.  "Not now, Bambi. I'm exhausted! I want the bed to myself."
"But, baby!" Bambie begged, "There's plenty of room for both of us! We could cuddle!"

Big Louie rolled onto his side.  "SCAT!" he ordered with his eyes closed.

Johnny was eating his breakfast in silence, trying to come up with some way to get out of the compound today to help gather intel for the Black Market Gnome sting. 

Slick slipped into the chair next to Johnny, distracting him.  "So, Butterfingers and I were trying to figure out who the rat is..."

Johnny rolled his eyes.  "God help us all," he said sarcastically.

Slick continued on as though he wasn't interrupted, "So, what do ya know about Weasel. We've never seen him before.  He said you grew up with him?"
Johnny glanced over his shoulder towards Armando, aka The Weasel. Clueless chump!
Turning back to Slick, he shrugged.  "Yeah, we went to school together. I don't think he's got the brains for it."  Standing up and grabbing his plate, he said, "Now, if you're done gossiping like a girl!"

Slick glanced back towards Armando.  "I don't know about him, Remmy. But if you say he's cool..."

"Yeah, sure, he's cool."

Bambi cornered Slick in the kitchen.  "...And so then Tiffani said I was wearing the wrong purse with my outfit, and I looked and she was right! Can you believe it?!"  She giggled.

Red glared at him over Bambi's shoulder, subtly shaking her head at him.
He paused and looked to one side.
And then the other...

"Uh... maybe we should talk a little later when we have a bit more privacy, Bambi," he said at quietly as possible.

Man, this place is such a hole! Johnny thought as he cleaned the nasty toilet.  None of these jokers know how to clean up after themselves. 
Feeling dirty, and ignoring the banging on the bathroom door, he jumped in the shower.

"Come on, Remmy! I gotta go!" Butterfingers pleaded on the other side of the door.

"Hold your damn horses!" Johnny shouted back, making sure he was good and clean before stepping out of the shower.

"Damn!" Slick cursed when the faucet started spraying water at him.  "What the hell?!"
Big Louie turned his head and glared at Slick.  "Fix it, ya schlub!" he demanded.

"I don't know how!" Slick said fretfully.
"Oh, move over," Johnny said, grabbing a wrench from the toolbox under the sink.  He started working on the faucet.  It was an easy fix.

But, an idea started to form...

Slipping under the sink, he turned off the water at the valve.
"Hey Big Louie, I need to run out to the parts store.  Faucet's not going to work until I pick up a new seal."
Big Louie frowned.  "Yeah, yeah. Go. Get Slick to pay for the damn part since he's the one that broke it! I'm certainly not paying!"

"I got this one," Johnny said.  "Be back in a jiff."

Big Louie watched Remmy head off and announced out loud, "The rest of you bums could learn a thing or two from Remmy! He's taking care of business!"

Meanwhile, Bambi snuck towards the kitchen...
"BOO!"  She jumped out at Tiny T., scaring him again.

Johnny pulled up his collar and hurried into the business center to gather some intel.  He'd managed to bring a sample Gnome for Romeo.

Red paused as she watched Big Louie scrub at the puddle with the mop.  "You know, you could've had one of the boys do that."  There was no way she was cleaning up after these slobs! 

Big Louie shook his head.   "Sometimes if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.  And then eliminate the ones that couldn't get the job done for you!"

Red shook her head and placed the dishes in the sink.  "Any idea when Remmy'll be back with that part?  He's been gone awhile."

"He'll be back once he gets the part!" Big Louie barked.  "As if you could do it any better than he could!"

Red scoffed. As if she didn't know a thing or two about sinks.  She slipped under the sink and began fiddling around.  Hmm... looks like the water was just shut off...  She turned it back on and tested it.  

Tiny T. finished cleaning the dishes and set the rag to the side.
Johnny rushed in the door, exhausted after his sprint back home.  "Hey, Tiny, I got the part."

Tiny T. glanced over at Johnny.  "Red fixed it. You must not know much about plumbing," he scoffed.

Johnny slapped his palm to his head. "Damn! Guess we don't need this part after all.  Slick - you still owe me $15, you meat-head!"

Slick scoffed, but came over and shoved the cash at Johnny.  He did not want to piss Remmy off...


  1. Bambi's antics are a hoot. Though, that is a priceless set of photos with Slick checking the coast to find Tiny T and Big Louie both in ear shot. LOL! Poor Tiny T. *giggle

    Phew! At least no one is onto 'Remmy.' Yet.

    1. Lol. I loved those shots! I didn't even notice that I got them until I was reviewing the snapshots afterwards! Totally priceless! *Awkward*

      "Remmy" is safe for now!!