Undercover Briefing File

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Day 6 - Kick the Dirty Habit

Not trusting any of the moldering food in the fridge, Johnny grabbed one of the mac n' cheese boxes from the cabinet. 
When he was a kid, his mom had made macaroni & hot dogs almost nightly.  He smiled at the memory.  His stepmom, Sonja, made everything from scratch, but her mac never held a candle to his mom's. 
Guess he got his cooking skill from his mom...

"I'm telling you to lay off, Slick!  You don't take a toy from Big Louie... even one he's acting like he doesn't care about!" Red whispered harshly, smacking Slick in the chest.  "You're following her around like a love-sick puppy.  God!  It's embarrassing!"
"You've made your point!" Slick snapped.  He was beginning to realize that Bambi had no intention of ever leaving Big Louie.  She was just using him to pass the time. He was just a pretty face.  He wasn't sure why that galled so much...
His gaze strayed towards the couple asleep in the bunk bed.

"I need a drink," he growled, turning his back on Red.
Red watched Slick pour a hefty glass of bourbon and then knock it back.  She felt bad for the kid, but there were just lines in life you didn't cross.  He'd thank her one day.

"I'm sorry..." she said lamely, looking away from the blatant hurt that was etched across his face as he downed another glass.

"S'all good," he said, reaching for his next drink.  Maybe he could just drink himself into oblivion.

Red stepped away, leaving him to wallow alone.  She needed to figure out who the damn snitch was so she could get her boys out of this dump.

Johnny quickly reached for his ringing phone, pressing talk as he lifted it to his ear. "What?" he snapped quietly, listening to his partner on the other end.
Cognizant of the fact that he was fully undercover, he tersely replied to her question, "No. I already told you. I don't wanna see you again. Get a life."

His partner, Bianca, laughed lightly on the other end.  "Romeo says find a way."
Red had just passed Remmy, but slowed down and lingered, blatantly eavesdropping.   Which chick was he talking to now? She winced when she heard his response.  Ooo... harsh! Maybe he was single now...

Johnny stared intently at the chessboard, desperately trying to work out his next move in this game. 

His boss, Romeo was going to blow his cover and all because he wanted a status update.  This was about more than catching the big fish Big Louie.  This was about finding out if he was responsible for Mackenzie's disappearance.

So far he hadn't heard a peep about her.
One thing was for sure though, he needed to stay on his toes.  And he needed to sneak out of the warehouse again.

Slick tried not to respond when Bambi cornered him later.  But, it was just too hard to turn away...

"You don't understand, man.  She keeps jumping out at me and scaring me!"  Tiny T. complained to his boss.  "What's she thinking? Sneaking up on a grown man with a gun! One of these days I'm liable to shoot her!"

Big Louie stared at his right-hand man with disgust.  "Get a grip and quit your caterwauling!"  He shook his head.  "You keep crying like a little girl and I might have to make Remmy my enforcer."
Tiny T. pursed his lips and glared. 

Butterfingers shot Slick a glance as his pal sat down next to him.  "You know she's way out of your league, right?"
"Shut up. What do you know about women, anyways?" Slick snapped.  "You've probably never even had a girl in your entire life!"

Butterfingers protested, "Hey! I've been with women before! I've got moves!"

Slick laughed, cuffing Butterfingers on the arm.  "You've got no moves," he said decisively.   "Hey, Bambi! Butterfingers has something he wants to tell you!" he called out.

Butterfingers stood up nervously, watching as Bambi approached.

Big Louie slipped into his vacant seat, "Oh, this I gotta see," he said, rubbing his hands with glee.
"Yeah? What is it?" Bambie asked, cocking her hip to the side.

Butterfingers got a little sidetracked staring at her bouncing cleavage.  "Uh..." he stuttered as he stared.
"Ha ha, very funny Butterfingers!" she snapped, poking him in the chest with her manicured nail. 

Butterfingers stuttered nervously, "What? No! I mean... I have moves!" he yelled at her retreating figure as she stormed off in a huff.

Johnny was just jogging up the steps to the warehouse when he saw movement near the entrance.  He froze as he checked his escape routes.
"Remmy!" Red called softly, hurrying to his side.  "Where've you been?"

Johnny quickly held up a pack of cigarettes.  "Just stepped outside to smoke," he said.

Red glanced at the pack of cigarettes and then back up to his face.  "I didn't know you smoked!" she said with surprise.

Johnny shrugged.  "I quit, but being holed up in this place is making me stir crazy," he told her, sticking as close to the truth as possible.

"Well, you should stop again. You should kick that dirty habit," Red told him.  "No one will want to kiss that adorable mouth," she said, glancing towards his extremely kissable lips.
"Yeah, you're right." He slipped the cigarette pack back into his pocket. "Come on, let's head back in."
Damn, that was too close of a call, Johnny thought as he trailed inside behind Red. 

Johnny walked in just as everyone's attention was on the fight in the kitchen.
Slick had his hands on his hips and was staring down Big Louie.  "I said you shouldn't talk to her like that!" he said angrily.

Big Louie laughed.  "You want to go toe to toe with me, kid?" he taunted.  "She's my girl and I'll talk to her however I want to!"

"I'm not afraid of you!" Slick said, puffing his chest out proudly.

Big Louie just laughed and shoved Slick away.  "You're a little mosquito to me, kid.  I could squash you with less effort than I use to lift my pinkie finger."

Slick looked up and saw the roomful of faces watching him for his next move.  Red shook her head slightly, as though to tell him not to do whatever bone-head thing he was thinking.  "You're right," he said, putting his hands up in the air and stepping away.  "She's your girl."

Everyone sighed with relief.
Especially Bambi.  She'd been so scared that Big Louie was going to kill Slick... all because she was being a little friendly. 
Turning towards Big Louie, she fluttered her eyelashes and stuck her chest out.  She knew the winning side if she'd ever seen one and she was determined to stay on it.


Oh Bambi... it's never sexy to pee in front of the refrigerator.

And then there were the massive pass-outs....
 "I have that effect on men.  I'm just too damn sexy," Bambi said.
 Big Louie was hatching some diabolical plan...
 And then proceeded to crash to the floor.
Red was pretty darn exhausted, too.
Slick passed out shortly after his confrontation with Big Louie.
"Bunch of damn babies!" he scoffed with disgust.

AN:  Johnny is now officially level 2 in the law enforcement career! Whew! Only 8 more promotions to go!


  1. Lololol. Oh, man. It's so much fun to see the sims start dropping like flies. And peeing themselves.

    Oh wow! Big Louie finally decided to poke at Slick! Color me surprised! Of course Bambi was right there waiting to see which one came out on top. *snicker. And whoa! Red went outside all on her own? Geez. That's a close one.

  2. I know! They WERE dropping like flies! The stereo woke people up numerous times. The only spot that doesn't hear the radio is the corner where Johnny sleeps. Lol.

    Slick actually had a go at Big Louie! I was surprised Big Louie didn't lose his cool! He just laughed it off. And it was priceless that Bambi shot him the "I'm so sexy" look right after Slick walked away.

    AND YES! Red went out all on her own! Johnny was just getting home from work and she came running outside to talk to him. ACK!