Undercover Briefing File

Friday, March 4, 2016

Day 7 - Keep your enemies closer...

"Bambi. Get your butt over here," Big Louie demanded angrily.

Bambi set her glass down on the bar nervously, then tossed her hair back over her shoulder before heading over to Big Louie.
"What are you doing over there with Slick? I thought I made myself clear! You stay away from him!"

"I was just having a drink! We weren't even talking!" Bambi said with her hands on her hips.  "And I'm my own person! You don't own my mind!"

"What mind?" Big Louie snapped, irritated that Bambi was talking back to him.

She gasped with outrage, launching into a full-blown hissy fit.
Big Louis immediately stuck his finger in his ear and waved her away.  "Go! I'm sorry I called you over! Go yak at Slick! He seems to like it!"

Bambi stomped her foot in anger. "Louie! You're impossible!"  she snapped, turning on her heel and storming back to the bar.

The yelling woke Johnny up.  He laid in bed, listening to Big Louis and Bambi bicker, tensed to intervene, if necessary.

When Bambi stomped off, he let out a sigh of relief.  He didn't look forward to stepping between Bambi and Big Louie, but it was clear that Bambi was no longer in the boss' good graces.  He didn't want to see Bambi disappear like Mackenzie.

An idea formed...
"Can we talk real quick?" Johnny asked, glancing around the room covertly and pulling Big Louie to the side.

Big Louie allowed himself to be drawn aside.  "What is it Remmy?" he snapped, still glancing irritated looks over his shoulder towards Bambi and Slick.

"Things don't look like they're going to well with Bambi right now," he told Big Louis.  "Maybe it's time for her to go," he suggested.  "If she's not warming your bed, what's the point? She's not one of us."

Big Louie scratched his chin, considering Johnny's suggestion.  "You might have something."

"Want me to take care of it?" Johnny pressed.  All he needed was some sort of clue regarding where Big Louie's victims wound up...

Big Louie considered him for long moments and Johnny strove to appear nonchalant. Finally, Big Louie guffawed loudly and smacked Johnny in the shoulder. "It's good to see you so eager, Remmy, but that's what my enforcer is for.  I'll speak with Tiny T."

Johnny nodded, his stomach roiling.  Had he just sentenced the blonde bombshell to death?  "It wouldn't be any trouble," Johnny assured him, pushing hard to retain some control over the situation.  If he got the slightest hint that Bambi was in trouble, he would need to pull her out and the operation would be over.  He'd never find Mackenzie.  "Just hit me up if you need me." 

Red, tired of being cooped up in the warehouse started working out.  She needed to stay sharp and active.

Johnny slid down in the seat next to Tiny T.  "Hey," he greeted Big Louie's enforcer.  "How's it going?"

Tiny T. just grunted and went back to eating.

Okay, so no small talk with this guy.

He glanced around to make sure no one was listening and started his questioning.  "So, I think Big Louie is finally realizing that Bambi needs to go. Thank Plumbbob, huh?"

Tiny T. glanced up at him.  "What Big Louie wants to do, Big Louie does. Ain't none of our business."

Johnny shrugged. "Yeah, I guess. She just drives me crazy - always hitting on me. Like I want Big Louie after my head!"

Tiny T. grunted in acknowledgement.
"Hey Joh..." Armando came to a full stop and smacked himself in the head, laughing nervously.  "Remmy." 
Now it was Johnny's turn to grunt in greeting.  He felt Tiny T. eyeing him suspiciously.   

Armando was a dead man. 

Meanwhile, Big Louie seemed to be struggling with his anger.

"That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard!" he ranted when Butterfingers tried to tell him about a documentary he'd watched.  "Do you have rocks for brains?"

"N.. n.. no!" Butterfingers stuttered.  "I'm just telling you what they said on Wild Discovery..."

"GAR!" Big Louie ranted, turning from his lackey, "I'm surrounded by a bunch of idiots!"  When he turned, it put Slick right in his eyesight.  Cocky bastard, Big Louis thought irritably.
He crept up behind the bar.
"YOU'RE NEXT!" he shouted, smiling when Slick cringed after being startled.  Evilly chuckling, he stuck his finger in Slick's face.  "Watch yourself."

Slick made himself sparse.

Red ate her meal, her gaze straying back to Remmy's.  It seemed he worked tirelessly to figure out who the snitch was.  If she had to put money on it, she'd say it was the wormy Weasel.  He had a look about him.  Why didn't Big Louis just crush him?
When she finished, she stood, her gaze straying back to Remmy.  She wasn't sure what it was...
...But something drew her to him.

Johnny could feel Red's gaze on him as he worked on his logic skill, trying to unravel the case.

At first this had been on open and shut case. He'd get in and figure out if Big Louis had to do with Mackenzie's disappearance and then he'd get back out.  But he'd been stuck here, going on 7 days, with little more information than he'd started.

Deciding he couldn't ignore Red any longer, he stood up.  "What's up Red? You just like watching me play?"
"Well, it does look like you know your strategy plays," she told him.  "It's one of the things I admire about you," she ventured.
Ah hell, Johnny thought.  The last thing he needed was Red forming an attachment to him.  He glanced down at the ground, struggling with the words that would set a small amount of distance between them.

Apparently, the long pause had been sufficient.  Red narrowed her eyes, sensing his reticence.  "But perhaps you prefer your compliments to come from big-busted blondes," she snapped.

Johnny watched her storm off uneasily.  He didn't want to encourage Red's affections, but he didn't want her as an enemy either.

He needed to get the hell out of dodge.
With that in mind, he headed out for a workout.  He needed to stay in shape mentally and physically.

 Johnny worked out until he was exhausted and sweaty.  It was time to get some shut eye, he thought.

Butterfingers must have had the same idea.  He slipped in bed with Bambi without another thought.


  1. Why, you ARE surrounded by idiots Louie! In fact you're one of them... lol.

    Whuh-oh. Dippy Armando is going to get them both in trouble. At least Red is more suspicious than trusting him.

    1. Armando's a little forgetful. Hopefully he doesn't get himself or Johnny killed!