Undercover Briefing File

Friday, March 4, 2016

Day 8 - Big Louie's Informant

"You slept with Butterfingers?" Slick hissed, catching Bambi by her arm.

Butterfingers had been ecstatic to brag to him that he'd slept in the same bed as Bambi.  His friend hadn't even finished crowing when Slick stalked off to find Bambi.
"Oh please, it wasn't sexual at all!" Bambi told him.  "He's a teddy bear!"
Slick lowered his voice. "What about me?" he asked, jealousy and needy.

Bambi sighed. "Slick, you know that would be suicide. If Big Louis caught us in bed together..." she let her thought trail off.
They both glanced across the room to where Big Louis was eating.

Bambi leaned in closer and whispered, "Besides, if we were ever in bed together, we wouldn't be sleeping."
Slick preened as Bambi walked away.

As she walked away, she kept her gaze on Big Louis.

"You big knucklehead!" she heard him yell at Tiny T.  "You mixed the chemicals wrong!"
Tiny T. shrugged and set the beakers down.

"You know how much money you just wasted?!" Big Louis demanded.  "I should make you off yourself!"

With Bambi's saucy remark, Slick found it hard to stay away.  "We could slip away where no one would see us," Slick suggested. "Maybe the shower..."

"Oh, Slick, you know we can't!" Bambi giggled and lightly tapped Slick's bare chest.  Distracted, she lightly caressed the spot.  On second thought, she told herself...
Hearing Tiny T. grumbling behind her, she snatched her hand back and shook her head.  "We can't, Slick..."
"Can't what?" Big Louis asked from right behind her.
Bambi screeched in surprise.  She couldn't believe he'd been right behind her!
"Do you think I don't know what you two are talking about, all cozy back here?"  Big Louie demanded.  "I don't need to remind you what happens if you displease me, do I?"

Bambi shook her head quickly. "No, Big Louie. We were just talking."
Big Louie turned towards Slick.  "Keep it up, Pretty Boy & I'll make sure you never work anywhere again."  He paused dramatically.  "It's hard to work when you're swimming with the fishes."

Slick paled and held his hands up in supplication.  "Anything you say, Big Louie."

Johnny felt like he hadn't made any progress on his case at all.  He had to head into work tomorrow and give his boss a status update and he was at a loss. 

Meanwhile, Red had found another way to keep herself active and in good shape.

Big Louie surprised everyone by announcing he was heading out for a bit.  He left Remmy in charge of the miscreants.
(Apparently the trash can is very, very, far away)

He waited for his informant at the spot they'd agreed on for ten minutes.  Looking at his watch, he cursed.  He was Big Louie, he didn't wait for anyone!

Then, he saw her.

"Did anyone see you slip out?" he demanded.

"No, Big Louie," she promised.
"What's your status report?" he asked impatiently.  "I haven't got all day."
Bambi answered, her voice crisp, competent and intelligent.  "We know next to nothing about Armando. He's a no-name kid from the burbs. He could be the plant.  Remmy had a few mysterious phone calls with a lady friend. I think he snuck out to meet her.  Tiny T. is obviously loyal to you, but he's very jealous of the attention you give to Remmy. I'm trying to determine whether he might be jealous enough to turn on you. While I don't believe it's Red, I do know that she's fiercely protective of "her boys", as she calls them. I think she might be crazy enough to lie for them.  I don't think Butterfingers has the brains to pull off a sophisticated infiltration, but I think that Slick might just be cagey enough.  And it's clear he's not intimidated by you since he's pursuing me, your "girlfriend.""

She took a breath and paused.  "So all in all, they're still all suspect."
Big Louie glanced back at his watch and headed inside.  "Just be sure to do the job I hired you to do.  You can see to your personal pleasure with Slick after we find the snitch."

"Of course, sir," Bambi replied, coolly professional.  "I have no interest in Slick, or any of the other men, outside of this investigation."

"See that it stays that way," he snapped.

Bambi slid onto the bench beside Butterfingers.  "So, what are we watching?" she asked with a flutter of her eyelashes.

Butterfingers nervously glanced at her.  "Er, umm... just watching some sports, ma'am. I can change the channel if you like."  His palms starting sweating when she looked at him.  

Bambi shrugged. "That's okay," she said nonchalantly.

He couldn't stand it anymore, Butterfingers thought, his fingers clenched on his legs.  "I can't sleep with you again!" he blurted loudly.  Armando glanced over at the couple in surprise.
Bambi raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Clearing his throat, Butterfingers explained in a calmer tone, "Miss Red told me that I need to remember my place.  I don't want Big Louie getting mad at me."

"It was nothing," Bambi said, reaching for his hand where it sat on his upper thigh.  Butterfingers squirmed.  "We're friends, right?"

"That's right, m.. m... ma'am," he stuttered, trying unsuccessfully to pull his hand away. "Just friends."
Bambi stood up then, dragging Butterfingers up with her.  Leaning in, she whispered, "Have you noticed anyone acting suspiciously?"

Butterfingers looked around and then leaned close to Bambi.  "I'm not one to tell stories, but I saw Armando heading outside one day.  When I looked out the window, he was playing in a puddle. Now that is mighty suspicious!"
Bambi sighed quietly. Apparently it was going to be hard getting any useful information from Butterfingers.  "Who do you think the snitch is?"

Butterfingers scratched his head under his hat.  "I don't rightly know, ma'am.  It's all a kerfuffle.  Maybe there isn't a snitch. Maybe there's just a seed planted somewhere."

Bambi blinked in confusion. "A seed?" she asked.

"Yeah, you know. A listening device."

"A bug?"

Butterfingers scratched his head again. "I'm not sure. Why would they plant a bug. It'd make more sense to plant a seed."

Bambi giggled and playfully swatted at Butterfingers, changing the topic.  A bug, no there was something they hadn't considered before.

Behind them, Johnny watched.  A bug, no there was a thought that might come in handy.

Johnny finally cornered the Weasel.  Armando had been slipping away and dodging him since he almost blew his cover to Tiny T. at breakfast the other day.
"You got rocks for brains?" Johnny asked, knocking Armando on the head.
"Nah, man. I just forget things sometimes. Like my keys. Or what I'm thinking. I'm forgetful like that!" Armando protested, taking a step away from Johnny.
"It won't happen again, Joh..." he cut off when he saw the look on Johnny's face.  He swallowed.  "Remmy.  It won't happen again, Remmy."

"See that it doesn't," Johnny snapped.

Armando didn't know much about... well... much.  He stared down at the chess pieces.  But why did Johnny want to keep his identity such a big secret anyways?


  1. I love that Louie scared Bambi and Slick so badly, their clothes changed! lol. ;)

    Ah, so Bambi is a plant too... That makes a lot more sense than the 'relationship' between her and Louie.

    1. LOL! I didn't even notice that! I had to go back and look at my pictures to see what the heck I did. And sure enough, in one picture they're in their undies and in the next picture they're dressed.

      Yup, turns out, she's a plant. I have to say - I am very disappointed with her flirty trait. I'm waiting for romance!

  2. Wow, so there actually WAS more to Bambi! o.o Did you plan that from the beginning or did the story just develop that way? Either way, a fun twist!

    1. That was spur of the moment when she slipped outside to meet him. Lol. :)