Undercover Briefing File

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day 10 - All Talk, No Action

Red stared across the room at the ancient computer sitting on the dining table.  Big Louie must've brought it in - which was weird because he hated electronics!
She took her drink over towards the monolith to take a closer look.
"Alright!  A computer!" Armando cheered with a fist pump when he saw the computer.
Red set her drink down and frowned sternly at Weasel.  "That's Big Louie's computer. No touching," she warned him.
"Oh, yeah, sure. I know!" Armando said, stealing glances at the computer.  "Totally wasn't going to touch it," he promised.

"Be sure you don't!" she said, sticking her finger in his face before walking out.

Slick was having the best dream ever!  He was romping in a large bed with a bunch of beautiful women.  And then Bambi joined the mix...

He heard her murmur and snuggle up against him.  He felt her hand graze his chest. 

Wait! Slick woke awake with a jerk.  Omigod, omigod, omigod, Bambi was in bed with him! he thought with elation, followed closely by the fear, Big Louis is gonna kill me!
Slick vaulted from the bed, hurrying away in hopes that nobody saw him in bed with the blonde bombshell.

Johnny raised his eyebrow with surprise when he saw Slick hightail it out of the bed he was sharing with Bambi.   If he hadn't been watching, he would've have seen Bambi open her eyes and frown after Slick hurried away.  She threw the sheets back, fluffed her hair and sauntered after Slick.


He slipped from bed to follow Bambi.

"Morning, Remmy!" Red said, stepping in front of Johnny.  "I've been giving a lot of thought to how to get the hell out of here faster.  Maybe we can put our heads together and figure it out faster," she said, her gaze drifting down towards his muscled chest. 
"Uh, yeah, sure," Johnny said distractedly, trying to follow Slick and Bambi's movements.  "Sounds good, Red."  He paused. "Uh, excuse me," he said with a smile, slipping around Red to follow Slick.
Red sighed, pressing her hand to her chest as Remmy passed by.  She ogled his butt as he strode away.  Backside, frontside, that man was fine!

Bambi slid into the seat next to Weasel.  "Morning, honey," she drawled, fluttering her eyelashes at him.

"Hey! You got something in your eye?" Armando asked.  He reached over and plucked at her lashes. 

Bambi reared back, avoiding his clumsy fingers.  "What are you doing?" she snapped, irritated. 

Weasel's eyes widened at her tone.  "Sorry, I just... er... eyelash..."  He murmured, avoiding her gaze.
Bambi sighed.  She shouldn't have lost her temper with him.  Now it was going to be harder to cozy up to Weasel.
Her gaze strayed towards Slick.  She had to admit.  She was a little disappointed that Slick had vaulted from bed, even after she'd pressed against him.  She'd been hoping for a little bit of groping based upon his talk.

Maybe he was all talk, no action, she mused, allowing her gaze to drift down his flat stomach.  She made a tsking sound of regret, Too bad!

She'd been so distracted staring at Slick's flat stomach, she didn't even notice Remmy slip from the front door.

Slick was distracted watching Bambi at the bar with Weasel and Butterfingers.  "I mean, Butterfingers," he said out loud.  "What the hell does she see in him anyways?"
"Get your head out of your butt, Slick!" Red hissed sharply, glancing around to make sure no one was listening in to their conversation. 

"What?..." Slick asked, swiveling towards his boss, Red.

Red put her hand on her hip.  "You slept with her last night," she hissed.

Slick straightened with alarm.  "I did not!" he hissed back.  "I went to sleep alone. I didn't even know she was there until I woke up!"  At Red's disbelieving look, he held up his hand, "I swear to Plumbbob!" he promised.

"Keep a wide berth from her AND Big Louie today," Red advised.

Right, Slick thought.  Keep my distance.  He could still smell her perfume and feel her hand on his chest.

 "Congrats on your promotion," his partner, Bianca, said, nudging him with her shoulder.

Johnny grinned.  "Thanks," he said.

"So, you must be pretty psyched Romeo didn't pull your undercover stint," she said.

Johnny was incredibly psyched.  He'd lobbied hard to be able to continue his investigation.  He argued that he was collecting a lot of information on not only Big Louie, but also a handful of other small-time thugs.  When this investigation was done, it was going to take out the whole Bridgeport criminal underworld!
"Yeah, well good luck," Bianca said flippantly before heading off.  "I personally think you must be crazy to willingly go back to that warehouse asylum!"

Johnny chuckled as he headed for the subway.

Johnny slipped into the warehouse, as unobtrusively as possible.
But, apparently his entry did not go unnoticed.
"Grrrrrr...."  Tiny T. growled menacingly.
 Well shit, Johnny cursed under his breath.  Best defense is a good offense...
 "What the hell do you think you're looking at?" Johnny snapped.
Tiny T. arched his brow aggressively.  "I'm looking at you and wondering which bone to break first!"
Johnny backpedaled.  "Whoa, I can see this is just a big misunderstanding!" he said. 

Tiny T. lunged and Johnny tensed, ready to brawl.

"What's going on?" Big Louie boomed.

Tiny froze, as though waiting for Big Louie's permission to pulverize Johnny.  "Remmy just came prancing in after being gone all day," Tiny told Big Louie.
Big Louie's gaze swiveled to Johnny.  "This true, Remmy?" Big Louie asked, deadly lethal.
Johnny did some fancy talking quickly.   He fast-talked for the next ten minutes, doing his best to convince Big Louie that there was nothing out of the ordinary.
"Are you seriously buying that?" Tiny T. asked as Johnny walked away.

"Of course I don't buy, that, ya big lug!" Big Louie sneered.  "But I'm gonna catch him and string him up with his own excuses!  Maybe if you actually did your job & succeeded in tailing him, we'd know a little bit more!"
Tiny T. hung his head.  "Sorry, boss."

Bambi sneered as she watched Remmy working the chess table.  The jerk had managed to slip out on her again when she'd been ogling Slick.  She knew she was going to get an earful from Big Louie at their next meeting.

She was going to figure out what the hell he was up to, once and for all!

Big Louie zeroed in on Armando, aka Weasel.  He cracked his knuckles menacingly.  "It's time you and I had a little bit of a chat."

Armando choked on his breath, shaking like a leaf.

Armando stopped, struggling to take a deep breath and to still his erratically beating heart.  Oh plundering plumbbob, Big Louie was going to KILL him!! 

He had to talk to Johnny!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad to see you're updating this again :D

    Armando made me lol there in the end XD How far did that guy run?!

    I wonder what Red's plan is!

    1. He ran all the way around to the back of the building. I cannot remember why he did it - but the hands waving in the air as he ran away nearly killed me! That was hilarious!

      Red doesn't have a plan. Yet. She's definitely tired of being cooped up with all those dimwits! Although, it seems the eye candy is the highlight of her day. ;)