Undercover Briefing File

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day 11 - Remmy, the Romeo

Bambi tried again, slipping into bed beside Slick.
 She curled up behind him, slipping her hand around his waist. 
Slick woke up in a cold sweat, smelling Bambi's hair.  Oh plundering plumbbob, she was in bed with him again!

She was trying to kill him, he thought with a groan and he leapt out of bed.  Either he'd die from her teasing him or Big Louie would kill him.  Either way, he'd be dead.

Plumbbob, he needed a drink...

Slick was nursing a gin & tonic, trying to steady his pulsing heart and his randy willy, when he smelled Bambi's perfume.

"Why don't you want me?" she pouted behind him, startling him and making him swallow the olive whole.
"Uh..." Slick gulped.   "I can't," he said, turning his back on her. 
Bambi scowled.  "We need to talk," she hissed, shooting a gaze across the room to where Big Louie was busy pecking at the keyboard. 

Big Louie hit a key, then looked around for the next letter.... "E.... e.... e..." his finger hovered over the keyboard.

Irritably, he slammed his fingers down on the keyboard.  "Where's the flippin' E?!" he called out.  "Red! Get over here and figure this damn thing out!"

Red sighed across the room and headed over to Big Louie's side.

Johnny decided to cast some of the suspicion off of himself by making a show of producing some product for Big Louie.

He purposefully botched the job.
"Having trouble, Remmy?" Bambi asked sugarly-sweet as Johnny passed by.
"Get bent," Johnny muttered under his breath as he headed to his duffle-bag for some clean clothes.

Bambi glared as Remmy walked by.  She didn't like that guy.  She couldn't put her finger on what it was, but something about him wasn't quite right...

Johnny flung his clothes on the cleanest spot in the restroom and stepped into the shower, preparing to take a shower.

 "Remmy?" he heard Bambi say as she boldly strode into the room.

"Plumbbob, Bambi," Johnny sighed, stepping out of the shower.  "You really want to catch me in the shower, don't you?"
Bambi giggled vapidly.  "I just wanted to say I think it's sooooo romantic you're sneaking out to see your girlfriend.  Maybe we should call you Romeo instead of Remmy!" she teased.

Johnny shrugged.  "Romeo," he drawled.  "I think I like that," he added with a wink.  His boss would have heart palpitations if he started going by Romeo undercover.  He liked it!  "So, as you can see, I'm feeling a little scorched.  Do you mind if we cut this conversation short so I can shower off?"

Bambi gritted her teeth and smiled.  "Of course not, honey.  You go right on ahead," she raised an eyebrow, making it obvious that she wasn't going anywhere.
"Alone?" he stressed, rolling his eyes when Bambi flounced out of the room.
After he was alone, Johnny jumped in the shower and tried to wash up as quick as possible.  With no lock on the bathroom door, there was no telling when someone else would come busting in.
Stepping out, he reached for his towel and realized that Bambi had apparently walked out with it.  Dang it!
He put his clothes on dripping wet, swearing under his breath when his jeans stuck to his legs.  Bambi was starting to be a thorn under his skin.  He needed something to throw her off his scent...
Thankfully, he was able to slip from the warehouse without anyone noticing.

Johnny hurried up the steps.  He needed to check in with Romeo and give him the update.

Red sighed as she finished typing up the letter Big Louie had given her.  When she'd proven so proficient at typing, he'd given her a stack of correspondence to send out.  She grumbled under her breath.  Her mama had always told her to never let people know your strengths or they'd walk over you every time.

She flipped the letter down and picked up the next letter.  Although, the upside of being Big Louie's personal secretary is the amount of secrets she was picking up!

 "...And then Big Louie said he needed to talk to me and I about peed my pants," Armando admitted to Butterfingers.  "He wanted to know all about where I came from and what I do.  I think he thinks that I'm the weasel!"
"But you are the Weasel," Butterfingers said.   "Right?"

"Yeah, but not that kind of weasel!"

Butterfingers thought about it.  "You mean the mole?"

"But I don't have any moles!" Armando said, chewing on the side of his lip. 

Butterfingers shook his head.  "It's a right pickle, isn't it?"

Armando shrugged.  "I don't care for pickles, either."

"Me neither," Butterfingers admitted.

The meeting didn't go well with Romeo.  His boss wanted more results, and quicker.  Apparently he wanted to run for mayor next year and wanted this whole deal finished before he announced his candidacy.

He shot off an insulting text before he could apply his filter.
He could only imagine how Romeo would react.


  1. That conversation between Weasel and Butterfingers was hilarious XD

    I wonder if Bambi actually wants Slick or if she's just trying to spy on him...

    1. Hehe, Weasel & Butterfingers crack me up. Not the brightest lightbulbs in the bunch!

      Bambi has been certainly been coming on strong lately! For all his big talk, Slick is running in the opposite direction now!