Undercover Briefing File

The Digs

(The Old Warehouse by -Shady-, downloaded at modthesims.info. I had to edit the interior to make it asylum-friendly.  The original download is way more amazing than what you see here!)

 Overview of the main floor.

Kitchen - one cheap fridge, one cheap sink, one cheap stove, one cheap microwave (that might actually need to go, huh?)
Dining - Nice long table with only 2 chairs. (Picnic basket was deleted after the picture was taken)  Back in the alcove there's a chess table with 1 chair.
 Living hall - 2-seater couch
Alcove - 1 TV & a lab table. 
 Bar - I don't know, couldn't decide if this is cheating or not!
Double bed - supposedly for Big Louie and girlfriend Bambi. We'll see how often they get to use it! 
Bunk bed alcove - two single beds stuck off in a corner near a radio (that's going to go over well).  There's another single bunk bed near the entrance that I didn't get a picture of with a bookcase nearby.

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