Undercover Briefing File

The Plan

This story is based off of the Asylum Challenge (check out the rules here).  I say that because I'm not doing a mental health asylum, I'm going an undercover operation!   It's loosely tied to Hiding Out in Sunset Valley & Wishing on a Star, although it can certainly be read alone!

Going Undercover...

Remmy D'Argent has been called to the Warehouse, along with 6 of his other compatriots, to face Big Louie.   Someone has been passing on information and he means to find the snitch.  And that means nobody is leaving until he figures out who the culprit is!  

Remmy knows he's the snitch.  But, his goal is to try to figure out if Big Louie had anything to do with his on-again/off-again girlfriend's disappearance.  He's got to hurry up and solve the case by reaching the top of the Law Enforcement Career! Before Big Louie breaks his cover!

The catch? You need to achieve your goal as quickly as possible, while keeping 7 other criminals, who you don't know well and are out of your control, alive and as happy as possible. Add to that budget cutbacks leading to a lack of decent furniture and limited supplies, and your task gets harder.

So don't piss Big Louie off!

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